Yoko Clinch

Veterinarian (BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Radiology, Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation - Canine) CCRT ACRA Practitioner Member)

Hi, my name is Yoko. I am one of the 2 veterinarians who owns Roleystone Animal Hospital.  I grew up on the west coast of Canada. I’m not sure what made me decide I wanted to be a veterinarian at the age of 4 (that was so long ago!), but that’s all I ever wanted to be when I grew up. So I spent all my holidays visiting my aunt’s farm surrounded by her menagerie of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. On reflection, I think that the curiosity, love, fun and adventures (ask me about sledding with Kelly, or driving the cats to work!) I shared with all those animals really firmed my passion for wanting to keep animals healthy and well, whilst reinforcing the human/animal bond through veterinary work.

I completed my first Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology & Genetics at the University of British Columbia, and then migrated to Australia with my husband to complete another two degrees (Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Biology, and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery (Hons)) at Murdoch University in Perth.  I have gained membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Veterinary (ANZCVS) Radiology through examination (That’s what the MANZCVS stands for).  In 2017, I completed the first ever Canine Rehabilitation Institute Australian course in order to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, and am really excited about the skills I have gained and their ability to help your pets!  In 2020, I successfully established the newest chapter then the ANZCVS in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation and am currently the President and Science Week Convenor of this chapter.  In 2022, I successfully sat the inaugural membership examination for this chapter, becoming the first veterinarian in Western Australia to have the "MANZCVS - Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation - Canine" qualification and am passionate about continuing to advance the level of veterinary rehabilitation services available to the animals of Western Australia.

Currently, my furkids are: Haida, a very clever cavoodle (he can do all sorts of tricks & even helps out with cleaning up); Hugo, a brown dog who loves everyone and everything and Hoshiko, a very cute ginger female kitten who equally loves to play and be a cheeky feral. 

Outside of working at Roleystone Animal Hospital, you will find me at Lancelin Veterinary Hospital on the first and third Fridays of every month.  I enjoy baking, slow cooking, studying, listening to jazz and playing piano, camping and travelling whenever I can get time away from work.

Tiffany Jacobs

Veterinarian (BSc BVMS Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified )

My name is Tiffany and I am the other owner of Roleystone Animal Hospital. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the US and have lived in Australia since 1999. One of my earliest memories was telling my mother I wanted to be a vet when I was 4yrs old (the same age as Dr Yoko!). Growing up I had a passion for animals, the natural world and science, so there was never any doubt I was going to be a vet.

It was through a variety of volunteer work from a very young age that I discovered my interest in helping both people and animals, as well as teaching new ideas and concepts to others, and have worked with wildlife since I was 15.  After being awarded a number of scholarships in high school for both academics and volunteer work, I began university in the States where I was one of a handful of students selected to participate in an accelerated Honours Pre-Veterinary program and then graduated from Murdoch University in 2004, with Dr Yoko.

I have been privileged to assist with the teaching of Murdoch University veterinary students in wildlife medicine since 2009, in conjunction with Perth Zoo and Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (where I was a volunteer as a vet student back in 1999), and I have been the vet for Caversham Wildlife Park since 2012. I have previously assisted Native Animal Rescue for 8 years in their care of injured and orphaned wildlife, along with a number of other wildlife rehabilitation centres. I am planning to sit my membership exams in Medicine of Australasian Wildlife - when I can find the time!

My furkids are all rescues and include: Toby - a mixed breed with a gentle and patient soul; Tom Tiddles a great ginger and white fluff with a wonderful belly and the best tail you will see on a cat; Bill Murray a cheeky peaches and cream shorthair always causing trouble; the beautiful Fang and Boom - black shorthair brother cats; Gilly, our sweet miniature lady cat; and Buddy our busy Rainbow Lorikeet. My husband and I hadn't planned to have five cats, but that's how it worked out! Everyone gets along brilliantly, and the relationship between our dog Toby and ginger Tom is something to behold.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our little girl Matilda, music, travel, hiking and camping, photography and reading.

Mhairi (Vari)

Veterinarian (BSc BVMS Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified)

Hi, my name is Mhairi (pronounced Vari).  I was born in Scotland (hence the Gaelic name) and moved to Australia when I was 10 years old.  Now, with a deep appreciation for warmer weather, I always wanted to be involved in caring for others.  For the first 15 years of my career – this involved human nursing, with my passion based in intensive and coronary care units.  But there was always something missing, so I decided to follow a long-time dream of becoming a Veterinarian.  I graduated from Murdoch University a few years ago (2017), and some of you may remember me when I worked for Roleystone Animal Hospital on the weekends as a veterinary student.  Since then I have had experience not only working with small animals, but also with pocket pets and birds.   I have a love of all things furred, feathered, fluffy and scaled!

In my own personal tribe, I have collected a few rescue animals; Taco the cat, Gypsy and Stu-Wart my gorgeous, but not so little rabbits, and an Indian Ringneck parrot called Nebula.  I have a fantastic, albeit unique sense of humour and love to learn.  I am so happy to be back working with such a great a team of Vets and nurses.

Outside of work, I am a complete water baby.  I swim regularly and have found a new passion for aerial yoga and supping.  When not in the water, I am usually trying to keep my family’s cocker spaniel pack under control!


Veterinarian (BSc BVMS Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified)

Hi, this is my cat Meeka; I rescued her while I was still a vet student at Murdoch University.  I was bonr here in Australia to Candian parents, and grew up in Canada.  I came back to study veterinary medicine and have been here ever since.  I've been at Roleystone Animal Hospital for a few years now.  When I'm not at work you can find me curled up on the couch with a good book or a video game.  Chances are you'll find Meeka lying on my feet.


All of our Vets

We are all passionate about providing quality, compassionate care to all the animals (pets AND wildlife) we see at Roleystone Animal Hospital, and do this by sharing our knowledge of animals and disease processes with you so we can make the best possible plan for keeping your pet healthy, or making them well again. In order to maintain the latest standards of care and keep our skills and knowledge up to date, we regularly attend continuing education events – be they after work, online, or multi-day conferences.  We also regularly read veterinary journals to make sure that we are providing the latest evidence based advice on your pet’s health. (Ask us what the latest CE event we’ve completed is – it may be as recent as last night!)

In order to support our peers and keep ourselves involved in our profession, we are members of the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Veterinary Information Network.  We also mentor new graduate vets, and are involved in teaching veterinary and vet nursing students.

We strongly believe in supporting our local community, therefore we regularly donate our time to the Royal Agricultural Society, we sponsor a local t-ball team, and regularly raise funds for animal charities.

Adrian Clinch

Registered Veterinary Nurse & Practice Manager (BCom, Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, Low Stress Handling (TM) Certified)

Adrian is a man of many hats - he is a qualified electrician with a background in snowboarding and computers, as well as a degree in Business. He is our Practice Manager, IT guy, Accounts Person, as well as being a Registered Vet Nurse!  He completed his nursing qualification in 2017 and is really excited to have added more skills to his repetoire.  On any given day you will find him chatting to customers at the front counter, helping restrain someone's pet, updating or fixing some computer related issue or buried under a pile of paperwork somewhere "out the back"!

In his "spare" time he's an amazing cook, fisherman, snowboard and outdoor enthusiast as well as a budding apiarist and tractor repairman.  He is also being trained by Hugo, the Mastiff x ;)


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified)

Hello! My name is Renée and I’m the newest Registered Vet Nurse at Roleystone Animal Hospital, having graduated in 2018.

I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes, and with two small children both off to school, the opportunity arose to head off to Tafe myself and turn my passion into a rewarding career. I especially love working with our unique Australian wildlife, and enjoy volunteering with a local wildlife shelter caring for injured and orphaned native birds, and releasing rehabilitated animals. 

When I’m not at work (or studying hard!) you’ll find me competing over a board game with the kids, rounding up two naughty rescue Lorikeets, or keeping fit training for the coming triathlon season.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN, Dip ECC)

Mickey is a Registered Veterinary Nurse that started her career in general practice.  She then furthered her own education and gained her Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care where she has spent the majority of her nursing career.  Most recently Mickey caught the travel bug and has spent the last two years working and living in Europe and Canada.  Like many of you, COVID-19 brought Mickey’s travelling time to an end, but lucky for us she has decided to join the RAH team!




Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified)

Since she was very young, Bronwyn has always felt a strong pull towards caring for others.  After high school she found herself studying psychology and working as a mental health support worker but realised that her true passion lay with working with those of the furry (or scaly and feathered!) kind, so she enrolled to study veterinary nursing at TAFE.  As part of this course, she undertook her work placement at Roleystone Animal Hospital in 2021 and has stayed on with us since she graduated in December 2021 (when she was awarded the Overall Academic Award for her cohort!)

Bronwyn is really excited to be part of the Roleystone team and spends at least half of her time working with the Veterinary Rehabilitation Services team, where she is continuing to expand her knowledge in the field of veterinary rehabilitation with Dr Yoko and nurse Rebecca.

When Bronwyn is not busy working or studying, she enjoys camping, days spent by the beach, rock-climbing and trying to beat her personal best at the gym. Most often though, you will find her reading a book with Arlo, her cheeky little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, curled up by her side (Arlo is featured in the above picture with Bronwyn).


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Christina has joined us recently as a general practice nurse. Christina has spent a large proportion of her nursing career (14 years in total) working in shelters and working with many different kinds of birds.  She also runs a duck rescue, where she catches and rehomes domestic ducks that have been inappropriately placed at lakes.  Christina herself, is mum to three cats, two cockatiels (weiros) and two permanent resident ducks.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Hi, I’m Kat (short for Katharina), and I’m the newest addition to the Roleystone Animal Hospital team! I was born and raised in Germany and completed a Bachelor in Journalism before I first travelled to Australia in 2014.

The next 4 years I spent exploring this country as a backpacker as well as travelling and living in south east Asia where I volunteered at an animal sanctuary in northern Thailand. There, I got my first experiences caring for sick and injured dogs and cats and found the courage to pursue a career in veterinary nursing back in Australia, graduated from TAFE in 2020 as International Student of the Year. I have a great interest in native wildlife, and was lucky enough to complete a certificate in captive animals at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in 2019. My favourite animal (besides cats) is the Echidna. Currently I am studying a diploma in Leadership and Management. In my spare time I love going op-shopping, spending time in nature and with my cats Keeley and Willow, and my foster animals (currently Oreo).


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV RVN, HCert Bus., CCRVN, Fear Free certified)

Kara is our newest team member.  She graduated as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2007, and has spent 15 years of her career as a specialist surgical veterinary nurse both in Perth and in Dublin, Ireland.  Through these roles her passion for caring for patients during their post-operative recovery lead her to veterinary rehabilitation.

She returned to Perth in 2022 where she began working with us and in 2024 became the second Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse in Australia.  Kara’s special interests are post surgical and neurological rehabilitation.

She is a self-proclaimed ‘cat lady’ with 2 cats who travelled to Ireland and back with her. They fit well into her lifestyle as they make great study supervisors.

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