By law all wildlife is protected and is the property of the Crown. Animals may not be taken from the wild, or kept as pets. The exceptions are some species of reptiles which may be kept as pets if you qualify for the appropriate keeper's license.

If you find sick or injured wildlife, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate one of the following networks:

Wildcare Helpline.  This is a state wide organisation & open 7 days. It provides assistance with all injured or orphaned wildlife, reporting of malicious, suspicious or illegal activities such as poaching & hunting, and can provide contact details for Parks & Wildlife Registered Reptile Relocators.

-  08 9474 9055

Turtle Oblonga Rescue & Rehabilitation Network. This organisation provides help, rescue and advice on wild turtle issues.

- East metro: 0424 727 411

- South Metro 0424 727 624

- North Metro 0414 476 867

If the number for your area is not answered, please try one of the other numbers

WA Seabird Resue.  This organisation provides help, rescue & advice with seabirds, marine mammals & water birds.

-  0418 952 683

Professional Advice

All of these animals have specialised needs. Please contact the clinic for further information regarding injured wildlife.

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