Virtual Tour of our Home away from Home!

We proudly take you behind the scenes at Roleystone Animal Hospital!

You can have find the fun video tour here, and the old fashioned photo tour below:

Step into our warm reception area and be greeted by one of our friendly staff members!  They are usually being supervised by Mia, our clinic cat - seen here on her desk!

Our veterinarians consult in one of our two consult rooms, which have plenty of space for your cat, dog, ferret or other pet to move around & feel at ease, while we discuss your pet's health, xrays (on one of our view boxes) or undertake some lab tests. You can see our otoscope & ophthalmoscope on the counter - which are just a few pieces of the wide range of diagnostic equipment we have at Roleystone Animal Hospital:

If your pet is booked in for a surgery with us - this surgical suite is where it all happens!  Our anaesthetic machine, complete with our patient monitoring equipment is to the left of the screen. We are super excited to have a pair of brand new surgical lights perfectly placed to light up all corners of any surgical site.  All of our sterile instruments, drapes and suture materials are kept separately in our newly renovated scrub room behind the far wall:

We have two multiparameter patient monitoring devices: a Mindray and a Surgivet. Both are combination units that have an ECG (so theycan monitor heart rate, rhythm & pattern), pulse-oximeter (to measure oxygen saturation and heart rate in our patients), an internal temperature probe and a non-invasive blood pressure monitor.  We also have a hand-held pulse oximeter and doppler blood pressure machine, so that every patient's anaesthetic can be customised based on how their body is responding to the medication they have on board.  Rest assured every animal having a procedure is not only being monitored by registered vet nurse, but their vital parameters are being accurately measured as well!

Here is Roxy, demonstrating how comfortable the monitoring equipment is, even when you are awake!

So if your pet needs an ECG, oxygen saturation or blood pressure measurement taken, even when awake - you know that they will be as comfortable as possible :)

If your pet is booked in for xrays with us, we take them through to our xray suite which has its own anaesthetic machine and adjustable xray table:

If it's a dental we book your pet in for - we go through to our dental suite which also has its own anaesthetic machine:

Our dental machine is one of the latest IM3 Veterinary Dental units complete with LED highspeed burr which has made it really easy for us to extract rotten or painful teeth in the shortest time possible!

Our lab area now consists of a super small, super quick blood testing duo: VetScan2 & VetScan HM5: Touch screen, internal controls, low maintenance - who could ask for anything more? (We're loving their work!!) We also have a microscope, refractometer and various other "bed side" tests ready to be used when required.

One of our IV fluid pumps... hard at work (every spey, every animal over 7, hospitalised patients - ferrets to great danes and beyond)... it's busy!!

And last, but not least - our hard working, heavy duty Maytag Industrial Washing Machine - it has single handedly made all of us VERY HAPPY, especially as you can't even hear it working!!

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