Veterinary Rehabilitation Services

We are really excited to offer Veterinary Rehabilitation Services with Dr Yoko Clinch who is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.  As such, she is able to diagnose disorders of mobility and function based on veterinary anatomical and neurologic knowledge, soft tissue palpation as well as advance imaging (as indicated). 

Rehabilitation Therapists treat these disorders using human physiotherapy treatment principles, tested and adapted to suit canine and feline patients.  We therefore use various modalities like laser and TENS/EMS, as well as soft tissue therapies (myofascial trigger point release, massage, and  joint mobilisations) and therapeutic exercises based on tissue healing rates.  The approach to each patient is unique to their needs and collaborative with you, the owner, and your vet.

Our Veterinary Rehabilitation Services team is dedicated to improving your pet's mobility and quality of life by providing evidence based treatments.  Our registered vet nurses are Low Stress Handling(TM) Certified, and are currently undertaking further training in massage and veterinary physical therapy themselves!

Please contact one of our team members on 08 9390 4026 to book your pet in for an assessment.  


Rehab Fun!


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