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At Roleystone Animal Hospital we pride ourselves on providing quality, compassionate and affordable health care for all your pets. Our team have experience not only with dogs and cats, but also with ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds, and wildlife!  We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinic with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations.

We are fully equipped with large, comfortable examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores, so we can provide on-the-spot assistance for nearly all pet health, medical and surgical needs.  You can even have a virtual visit with us here before you come down in person!

At Roleystone Animal Hospital, you’ll be fully supported with sound advice.  We know that helping our clients starts with providing a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options. With good advice and professional recommendations, you’ll be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care decisions for your pet.

Roleystone Animal Hospital is located in Kelmscott and proudly offers our veterinary services not only to the Roleystone area, but also to Armadale, Bedfordale, Brookdale, Byford, Camillo, Champion Lakes, Forrestdale, Gosnells, Karagullen, Kelmscott, Kenwick, Martin, Mount Nasura, Mount Richon, Seville Grove, Southern River, Thornlie, and surrounding areas.

We look forward to seeing both you and your pet!

Latest News Snippets... (all newsworthy items can be found here!)

31 August 2020 - New Team Member:

This month we would like to welcome Mickey Nielsen to the Roleystone Animal Hospital (RAH) team. 

Mickey is a Registered Veterinary Nurse that started her career in general practice.  She then furthered her own education and gained her Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care where she has spent the majority of her nursing career.  Most recently Mickey caught the travel bug and has spent the last two years working and living in Europe and Canada.  Like many of you, COVID-19 brought Mickey’s travelling time to an end, but lucky for us she has decided to join the RAH team and we wish her a very big welcome!

28 July 2020 - Vet Nurse Graduation:

This month at Roleystone Animal Hospital, we celebrated the graduation of our trainee Veterinary Nurses Jen as a fully fledged Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)!  Jen is originally from South Africa and came over to Australia for her studies. She has been working as a trainee with us since late last year and now continues to work for us as an RVN.  Congratulations on all your hard work Jen (she is the one in the blue scrub top), we are all really proud of you!

30 June 2020 - COVID-19 Update:

We have once again updated our COVID-19 policy as a result of WA's relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.  Currently we are allowing up to 3 people in each consult room (this can be a vet, nurse and client, or 2 clients and a staff member).  As this changes, we will update you on our Facebook page and in the Latest News Section on our webpage.

February 2020 Itchy Bandicoots

Our colleagues at Darling Range Wildlife Shelter have recently reported that there is currently an outbreak of Sarcoptic Mange in bandicoots in the Roleystone area. There have been a number of severely affected animals that have presented to their shelter for treatment and even with their best efforts, unfortunately a number have been humanely euthanised. Please read our latest newsletter for more information on the implications this has for you and your pets.


January 2020 - We are really excited to announce that we have extended our weekday consulting hours so that there are now consult times available all day. Previously, we undertook our surgical procedures during the middle of the day and limited our consulting hours to 8.30-11.00 am, and 3.00-5.45 pm.  Now, you can see one of our vets even during the middle of the day as consults are available between 11am - 3pm.  The reason we can now offer these extended hours is because we have hired a new vet to join our team! 

You may remember Mhairi (pronounced "Vari"), from when she worked for us on weekends as a vet student, a few years ago.  She graduated from Murdoch University, and has had experience not only working with small animals, but also with pocket pets and birds.  She loves all things furred, feathered, fluffy and scaled, and has collected a cat (Taco), some rabbits (Gypsy & Stu-Wart) and an Indian Ringneck Parrot (Nebula) since becoming a vet.  Mhairi has a fantastic sense of humour and loves to learn so we are sure she will fit right in with the rest of our team. 

With Mhairi joining the team, we have also been able to increase our Saturday appointment slots as well.  We hope you can take advantage of our increased consulting ability and that you will join us in welcoming Dr Mhairi!

December 2019 Our team would like to thank everybody who came out and supported our Pet Photos with Santa Fundraising event on the 17th of November.  This was our most successful year with $833 raised, which was divided in half and donated equally to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation and Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.
In the lead up to the public holidays at the end of this month / start of January, we would like to remind everyone with pets on ongoing medication, to ensure you have enough medication to see you through the public holiday closures, noting that on both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we have reduced hours and will be closed at 12.00pm sharp.

Thank you all for your ongoing care and support of our team, and we wish you all a wonderful Festive Season and all the best for a fantastic 2020!

August 2019 -  Dr Yoko and Dr Tiff have helped facilitate vet students developing teamwork skills at the annual Veteirnary Professional Life Camp held for the second year Murdoch Vet Students at Fairbridge.  The purpose of the camp is for students to learn about teamwork, communication skills and positive psychology, as well as skills to help maintain mental health in what can be a challenging profession.

Dr Yoko also had the opportunity to complete her first ever high ropes course with the students, and did an amazing (and very brave) job of getting through all of the obstacles. 

July 2019 - Earlier this month Dr Yoko attended the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists annual conference, where veterinary specialists go to get their annual dose of Australian cutting edge knowledge upgraded.

She had a fantastic time and has come back with tips and tricks from the talks she attended focusing on small animal medicine, surgery and behaviour.  In keeping with our team's recent luck, she also won a textbook at the conference! Our library has now been upgraded with the latest information on Veterinary Nutrition. 

June 2019 - Congratulations are in order once again, as Dr Jill has just received her Low Stress Handling Certification!  Now, 2 of our vets and all of our nurses are Low Stress Handling (R) Certified, ensuring your pet's visit is as relaxed as possible.

Earlier this month, Dr Tiffany had the pleasure of assisting Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre with the training of some of their volunteers, and ran a 3 hour lecture and practical session on Avian Anatomy and Physiology, which was well received.  See here to learn more about Kanyana, and how they help wildlife in need, and how you can participate.

May 2019 - Fantastic News: Katelin has just received her Low Stress Handling Certification!  This means ALL of our nurses are now Low Stress Handling (R) Certified, ensuring your pet's visit is as relaxed as possible.

April 2019 - Congratulations to our nurses Bec, Rebecca and Renee on achieving Australian Veterinary Nurse National Accreditation status, and being within the first 60 nurses across the country to achieve this goal!  This year is the inaugural year for this qualification, a feat which requires at least 20 to 30  hours of continuing education on an annual basis as well as a written commitment and plan for ongoing personal development as a veterinary nurse.  Adrian has started off his year of training by attending the national Australian Veterinary Nurse Conference in Brisbane earlier this month. He has come back full of enthusiasm for sharing his new knowledge with the rest of our team and patients. 

We are exceptionally proud of all of our nurses, not only for all their hard work at our hospital, but also their dedication to ensuring that they have the latest knowledge and skills available to them! 

February 2019As our team have become more involved in rehabilitation therapies, we have found that some pets need a bit more support to be independent.  This is why we have become a Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair Dealer. We now carry rear wheelchairs and kits to convert them into quad wheels for sale or hire.

Dr Yoko, Rebecca and Renee are certified to fit the chairs and our rehab team can develop individually tailored rehabilitation plans for these patients; providing more options to improve the mobility and quality of life to pets in Perth and WA.  As our models can attest, they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. You can watch Roxy move around here.

January 2019 - Representing over 180 hours of continuing education and study over 2 years, we are pleased to announce our nurse Rebecca has become an internationally recognised Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse!

She is the first nurse in WA with this qualification, and with Dr Yoko, we are now the first vet hospital in WA with a certified vet and nurse. In addition, Rebecca has also just completed her certification to be a canine wheelchair fitter with Walkin' Wheels!  Well done Rebecca, your continued dedication and hard work to expand the services we can offer to our rehabilitation patients is outstanding!

October 2018 - Continuing on with the momentum from last month, our team have been even more busy on the learning front! We are extremely proud to announce that with Dr Tiffany completing her Low Stress Handling certification, Roleystone Animal Hospital is now a Low Stress Handling Certified Veterinary Hospital!

All of the staff at Roleystone Animal Hospital love animals and are dedicated to providing the best care possible to your furbabies.  However we understand that for some pets, coming to the vet can be a stressful, or even scary experience.  This is why we are committed to ensuring your pet has a positive, low stress experience when they come in to see us - we love seeing them and we want them to feel the same!

For this reason, our staff have undergone Certification in Low Stress Handling, so that we can foster and maintain a calm and trusting relationship with your pets.  This Certification represents at least 20 hours of further study for each person who is certified and is comprehensive in teaching the latest in animal behaviour and body language.  This ensures that we are well equipped to understand their "words", and has given us all many techniques and tips on how to handle pets in a positive and relaxing way.

July 2017 - More congratulations are in order! This month we are really excited to announce that Dr Yoko has just become certified as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. This qualification provides you with the assurance that your pet's osteoarthritis, post operative rehabilitation, lameness or neurologic disease has not only veterinary basis, but also a physiotherapy basis for treatment. Dr Yoko can design a wide range of therapeutic programs to improve your pet's comfort, mobility and function with both in clinic and at home treatments and exercises, that are both fun and functional.  

February 2017 - It's here... Our official hospital tour video. You can check it out here, and as always, we are mor ethan happy to show you around in person too!

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Hospital Hours

** Please read our Latest News Section to keep up to date on our latest COVID-19 Hospital Policy, as some of our services are affected **


We are open six days a week, and can make house calls on weekdays. 


We also offer a Drop Off Consult Service, so you can leave your pet with us for the day if you have to leave for work/school early.


Please don't hesitate to contact the hospital to make an appointment or to ask us about your pet's health!

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Consultations by appointment from 8:30am





If your animal requires veterinary attention outside of our opening hours, please do not hesitate to take them to our colleagues at WAVEs Emergency (9412 5700).



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